With our team of  very capable staff we strive to service and repair anything from Server computers to home laptops and desktops. We often look at a situation and see where we can offer possible upgrade options over purchase of new hardware and capital outlay.

We have a dedicated technician who operates out of the office doing repairs, services and upgrades. The rest of our team is there to visit you on site and offers professional services.


Memory (RAM) Upgrade – If you do not know the type of memory required, book your computer in and we will handle everything. A quote will be provided, and if we do not have the RAM module required in stock, we will source it for you. If it is a branded machine, specify the brand and exact model of computer.

Hard drive upgrade – Running out of space? Limpopo Information Technologies can install a larger hard drive in your computer system, reload the operating system and install backed up data. Processors, motherboards and graphics cards can also be upgraded, provided that the computer’s generation fits within market availability.



All internal computer components can be replaced individually, provided that the computer’s generation fits within current market availability.

A faulty power supply is often the cause of computer problems which can result in resetting, switching off randomly, or not starting up. Limitech can repair or replace the faulty hardware with ease.

We have the skills to carry out main board repairs right down to component level repairs. Quotes for a new desktop will be provided where repairs are uneconomical


Hard drives can be replaced. Various sizes are available. If required, and providing that authentic software and registration keys are supplied, Limitech can reload your operating system and software such as Microsoft Office.

If data was retrievable, then data transfer can also be carried out. We do not install accounting or proprietary software.

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