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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew 1 R100 R0.00 R100
xyz 1 R50 R250 R250
com 1 R200 R200 R200
net 1 R200 R200 R200
org 1 R200 R200 R200
joburg 1 R300 R300 R300
durban 1 R300 R300 R300
capetown 1 R300 R300 R300
blog 1 R500 R5000 R5000 1 R100 R0.00 R100 1 R100 R0.00 R100 1 R100 R0.00 R100
co 1 R500 R500 R500 1 R350 R350 R350 1 R50 R100 R100
tv 1 R900 R900 R900
de 1 R200 R200 R200
eu 1 R300 R300 R300
me 1 R700 R700 R700
us 1 R200 R200 R200
asia 1 R600 R600 R600
mobi 1 R250 R250 R250
xxx 1 R1800 R1800 R1800
travel 1 R2200 R2200 R2200
info 1 R200 R200 R200
in 1 R500 R500 R500
biz 1 R250 R250 R250 1 R1300 R1300 R1300 1 R800 R800 R800
name 1 R200 R200 R200
pw 1 R200 R200 R200
bar 1 R1200 R1200 R1200
bz 1 R650 R650 R650
cash 1 R450 R450 R450 1 R400 R400 R400 1 R400 R400 R400 1 R400 R400 R400
ink 1 R600 R600 R600
rest 1 R700 R700 R700 1 R700 R700 R700 1 R700 R700 R700 1 R500 R500 R500
wiki 1 R500 R500 R500
host 1 R1400 R1400 R1400
website 1 R500 R500 R500
site 1 R600 R600 R600
party 1 R50 R50 R50
design 1 R800 R800 R800
fans 1 R1100 R1100 R1100
feedback 1 R500 R500 R500
love 1 R500 R500 R500
rent 1 R1100 R1100 R1100
space 1 R250 R250 R250
tech 1 R800 R800 R800
bid 1 R50 R50 R50
trade 1 R60 R60 R60
webcam 1 R60 R60 R60
cricket 1 R100 R100 R100
science 1 R100 R100 R100
review 1 R60 R60 R60
faith 1 R100 R100 R100
accountant 1 R100 R100 R100
loan 1 R100 R100 R100
online 1 R600 R600 R600
men 1 R50 R50 R50
win 1 R50 R50 R50
racing 1 R60 R60 R60
download 1 R60 R60 R60
stream 1 R60 R60 R60
date 1 R60 R60 R60

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