Limitech is not just another company of technicians, Our  team of technicians are full-time employees trained in-house to handle every aspect of your deployment.

From massive multi-site, multi-technology rollouts to elegant small business solutions, we are the premier provider of technology services.

Over the past 18 years, we have developed a suite of service offerings backed by multiple layers of technical support and close attention to detail to ensure the highest level of quality and professionalism.



The Motion Eye product is an indoor motion-detected video camera, designed for applications where video verification of intrusion alarms is necessary or desired. It consists of a full HD pinhole HDCVI camera and a passive infrared sensor, allowing invisible video monitoring to provide video evidence for intrusion alarm. When the passive infrared sensor is triggered, it transmits alarm signal to DVR over  coax (along with video signal).



Cameras are usually the starting point for any security solution. They come in a wide variety, from expensive professional to compact covert cameras. The many different types of cameras each have their place in a security solution. A solution will usually consist of different types of cameras, each serving a specific purpose



Limitech stock a large range of Video Recorders for both Analogue AHD and advanced IP systems.  Our range provides all the functionality and features expected of the best high end systems. It offers some of the most advanced software packages available and software are licensed in bundles of smaller and larger channels.



Modes of transportation refer to the physical medium through which the data travels, and include the equipment to facilitate the means thereof (such as transmitters and receivers, where these are not built into the systems). Various methods are available to transport data from point A to point B. While transmission via copper cable is the most simple and effective, wireless technology allows a signal to be sent over longer distances and without need for cable, especially where a cable is not feasible (normally due to physical factors). Fibre, while expensive, allows a big data stream over long distances, making it useful for the communications of multiple data streams over long distances.



High quality tools translate to high quality finishes on any project. Proper test equipment greatly increases the accuracy of troubleshooting and can cut many hours of frustration on site. VGA and composite converters are used to link old-style RCA video to the VGA connections now common on all monitors and devices. Converters for both ways (VGA in, RCA out and vice versa) are available. Crimping tools for all the different types of connectors used in the security sector are available. These high quality tools ensure properly terminated connections, allowing for many years’ trouble-free service. Camera testers are available from basic analogue only models to more advanced models with built-in multi-meters, LAN cable testers and IP camera support. A good tester is an invaluable tool for big installations, as they can save hours of time spent on trouble-shooting.



Access Control is the process of restricting and monitoring access to a site. This means that not only are you no longer reliant on physical keys to restrict access, but also that you are able to see who accessed your site, and when.

Other advantages of using electronic access control include the ability to deny users access remotely if they are suspect, allowing access according to schedules.  Biometrics uses the measurement of some part of the body to determine a users’ identity.



Electric locks allow for electronic equipment to control locks on door, allowing controllers or switches to open or close the lock. They come in a variety of modes, from fail-safe to fail open, unlocking or locking the door automatically in case of power failure, as per the need of the door. Door closers will automatically force doors left open shut, eliminating the risk of unwanted entry.



For high volume traffic access control a gate is simply too slow and heavy for quick flow of vehicles. Boom gates are fast and effective barriers, allowing quick movement when required but also a good barrier when required. Both manual booms (hand operated) and electronic booms are available, with battery back-up for the electronic booms ensuring operation during power failures. Modern booms are balanced with springs and weights, allowing easy and fast operation despite the weight inherent in a strong boom.



Intercoms provide a means of identifying visitors at your premises without having to remove any barriers between you and them. While audio devices (such as phones) allow for good interaction, adding video allows the user to gauge the situation outside visually as well, being able to check the circumstances as well as the visitor. Both wired and wireless systems are available. Wired systems are more labour intensive to install, but the direct power supply ensures lower operational costs and higher reliability. Wireless systems on the other hand are more flexible, and ease of installation is better for non-technical persons.



Electronic alarm systems are made up of three component parts designed to detect, determine and deter criminal activity or other threatening situations. An alarm system can detect an event such as an invasion burglary, determine if the event poses a threat, and then send a notification about the event.



A fire alarm system is number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. These alarms may be activated from smoke detectors, and heat detectors. Fire Alarms include motorised bells or wall mountable sounders or horns, speaker strobes which sound an alarm, followed by a voice evacuation message which warn people inside the building not to use the elevators, etc.



General equipment covers basic add-ons and spares necessary for security installations, from keypads to beams and power supplies to switches.

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